We will register your business .
At ICI, we're dedicated to helping you turn your ideas into GOLD by assisting you in the process of registering and incorporating your business. Every step of the way, we're right by your side, providing expert guidance to ensure you make the right decisions for your journey to success. When you decide to register your business, you're taking a significant step towards putting your best foot forward.

Explore our cost-effective solutions for bringing your brainchild to official registration!

Business Name Registration (JM)

Doing Business As (DBA)
  • Business Name Application
  • Bank Account Starter Kit
  • TRN Registration
  • NHT Registration
  • NIS Registration
  • HEART Registration
  • Application for Payroll Accounts
  • Application for eServices Account with Tax Administration of Jamaica (TAJ)

LLC (for Profit) (JA)

  • Incorporation Limited by Shares
  • Standard shareholder’s Agreement
  • Preparation of Schedules
  • Certified Copies of Articles of Incorporation
  • Tax Compliance Certificate applied
  • TRN registration
  • NHT Registration
  • NIS Registration
  • Bank Account Preparation Kit for your preferred bank

LLC (non-profit)(JA)

  • Incorporation Limited by Guarantee
  • Preparation of Schedules
  • Application for Charitable Status
  • Amended Articles of Incorporation (if needed)
  • Certified Copies of Articles
  • Petition to remove the word ‘Limited’
  • Tax Compliance Certificate Applied
  • TRN registration
  • NHT Registration
  • NIS Registration

LLC / C-Corp (US)

  • US Company Incorporation
  • Business Bank Account
  • Personal Bank Account (with Zelle access)
  • PayPal Access
  • Venmo Access
  • Stripe Integration
  • EIN #
  • ITIN#
  • IRS Certifying Agent Included
  • US Registered Address
  • Stock Issuance
  • Create Amazon Acc
  • Personalized company dashboard
  • Includes ALL state filing fees
  • FREE Tax Consultation

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